5 Themes of Geography

Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
By: Brian Chavez hr.3
  • Absolute location
              -Latitude= 16°51’49″N   Longitude= 99°52’57″W
  • Relative location 
              -Acapulco is 326 km south from the capital of Mexico, Mexico city.
              -Acapulco is also about 2,340 mi south of Elkhorn, WI.
  • Physical Characteristics
              -Gulf of Acapulco is a popular characteristic.
              -Throughout the year the temperature is an average of 90° F high and 75°F low.
              -With that kind of weather the only main type of precipitation is rain which is mostly in the summer.
-There are also many hills within the city of Acapulco.
  • Human Characteristics
There are about 718,000 people in the city of Acapulco
-The many luxury hotels along the coast line and houses on sides of hills gives people shelter.
-The beaches of Acapulco are great for swimming.
-73% of the economy is based on tourism.
-Acapulco also manufactures bottles, milk products and produces energy.
-Agriculture is involved in the movement of goods from Acapulco such as tomatoes, corn, chili peppers, and other fruits and vegetables.
-Many tourists move in and out of Acapulco for vacations.
Human-Environmental Interaction
-Since there is a large body of water nearby, the people spend some time in the water fishing for recreation and economic purposes.
-The people of Acapulco preserved most of the natural landscape when creating buildings and homes.
-Acapulco is in the Guerrero region which is similar to a state in comparison to The United States of America.
-It is also known to be located on the southern coast of Mexico by the Pacific Ocean.

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